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    Hi! This is my lovely vulva. It is light pink, it has a pierced hood, my lips are not perfectly symmetrical, and my labia minora are “covered” by my puffy outer lips until I spread my legs, then my inner lips are visible. My vulva is beautiful, just like every single submission I have seen. I have not once seen an “ugly” or “abnormal” labia in my life. I work in a gynecologist’s office, so I see vulvas all day, and ALL of them are normal. 

    I am a 30 year old woman who hated her labia from age 14 on until about a year ago. I believed my labia minora were too large and that I looked gross. I looked into labiaplasty - and thank God I didn’t go further.

    My lips aren’t large at all - not that there’s anything wrong with that - and I’ve finally realized that my vulva is uniquely MINE. All vulvas are different in shape, color, size, etc, and ALL of them are beautiful. 

    I also wanted to point out to some of these women, especially the younger girls, that MANY men don’t just like large labia, they PREFER it. Likewise, there are all kinds of pussies in pornography. Some of the most famous or very desirable actresses in pornography have protruding labia. 

    Please ladies, we ALL have beautiful vulvas, they’re beautiful in every color, shape, and size and men TRULY do not give a shit what it looks like, they’re thrilled to be enjoying it at all! 

    It took me 15 years to stop hating my vulva. Now? I love the way my labia, which are tucked behind my labia majora unless I am positioned in a certain way, look when they “come out” once I spread my legs. 

    Thank you so much for what you do. I wish this site had been there when I was a teenager. :)





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    Here’s another “sex debut” ;) clip of Clara, this time solo. Criminally cute!


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    Preparing my plump engorged cunt for some serious vibrations! :)

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    High resolution clit rubbing. So close you should be able to suck it!



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    oh my bloody hell

    God that’s an old one - my boobies are quite sizeable there!



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    Preparing my plump engorged cunt for some serious vibrations! :)


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